Level 1 Security Training

Pre-Qualifying Basic Security Training Course
Condor's Level 1 Pre-Qualifying Basic Security Training Course is a key step in Condor’s hiring process for individuals seeking a security job and/or career at Condor Security.  Employment at Condor Security is conditional upon passing through this mandatory security training program.
Applicants who qualify to participate in the Level 1 Pre-Qualifying Basic Security Training course have successfully passed resumé screening and two interviews.  Applicants must also hold a valid security licence, meaning that they must have already completed the 40 hour security licence training and passed the government issued exam.
The Level 1 course primarily covers effective communications, customer service and client relations, emergency response, and basic security theories, duties, and responsibilities.
Applicants must score 70% or higher in each of the three domains in order to pass the course and receive an offer of employment.  Evaluation is based on a number of criteria, including the applicant's overall motivation and attitude, performance of practical drills, and on the result of a final written test.
Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will qualify to move forward in the selection process, receiving an offer of employment to work as a security guard or work as a concierge with Condor Security Inc.  The applicant will also receive a certificate of achievement and will be certified as a Condor Level 1 Guard.
  • patrolling
  • teamwork
  • report writing
  • access control
  • the private security field
  • basic security theories and concepts
  • industry and company policies, standards, expectations
  • fire response
  • bomb threats
  • suspicious persons
  • medical emergencies
  • effective communications
  • suspicious objects and vehicles
  • client relations and customer service
Nirav P. - "Interactive stressful scenario-based learning."
Pouria E. - "Excellent course.  Glad I took it."
Andrew V. - "I liked the constructive and practical approach used in this training course.  It was very helpful to do the role playing and simulated emergency situations."