News - Verbal Judo

March 7, 2016
Learning the Art and Science of Communications Condor Security Staff who participated in the March 2016 Verbal Judo course did excellent work in absorbing new concepts and refining their skills in the art and science of effective and tactical communications.  Security guards and concierge personnel who invest the time and effort to learn this valuable skill see the return on their investment via a more positive work environment and increased respect and appreciation from the persons th... Read More
June 18, 2011
Doc George Rhino Thompson
Sadly, Dr. George Thompson, the creator of the highly effective and internationally recognized system of tactical communications, Verbal Judo, passed away at his home in Auburn, New York on June 7th, 2011.A true innovator in the law enforcement field, Dr. Thompson originally created Verbal Judo to give police officers a more effective tool for resolving confrontations without using physical force.  Since then, the system has evolved to fit the needs of other law enforcement fields, includin... Read More