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March 7, 2016
Learning the Art and Science of Communications Condor Security Staff who participated in the March 2016 Verbal Judo course did excellent work in absorbing new concepts and refining their skills in the art and science of effective and tactical communications.  Security guards and concierge personnel who invest the time and effort to learn this valuable skill see the return on their investment via a more positive work environment and increased respect and appreciation from the persons th... Read More
June 19, 2015
Security Industry
Best Security Certifications: How to Improve your Professional Career with Security TrainingAPRIL 23, 2014 BY ROB BAYLEY, PSP, TRAINING MANAGER AT CONDOR SECURITY INC., TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA As the security industry continues to grow, Security Training and Security Certifications are becoming a popular topic of discussion among both Security Guards, Security Managers, and clients of security personnel and concierge services companies.  Are certifications in security training wo... Read More