March 2016 Verbal Judo Tactical Communications


Learning the Art and Science of Communications


Condor Security Staff who participated in the March 2016 Verbal Judo course did excellent work in absorbing new concepts and refining their skills in the art and science of effective and tactical communications.  Security guards and concierge personnel who invest the time and effort to learn this valuable skill see the return on their investment via a more positive work environment and increased respect and appreciation from the persons they protect.  


The Essence of Verbal Judo

Learning Verbal Judo requires a student to engage in honest self-reflection.  Looking at one’s successes and failures in dealing with people brings awareness to what works and what doesn’t.  The concepts and techniques that Verbal Judo provides are based on a common sense approach to relationships between people.  Certain principles are emphasized and explained, such as ethical conduct and empathy, and specific techniques are taught which maximize ones potential to persuade others to listen and consider ones point of view.  The intention of Verbal Judo is to generate voluntary cooperation from others in order to ensure a more peaceful environment and prevent breaches of law.  Techniques such as the Tactical 8 Step and the 5 Step Hard Style are taught which provide a formal framework for communicating with others, and techniques such as paraphrasing and summarizing are taught for those situations where communication can expand in many directions and be more of a back and forth conversation. 



How to Improve Communication Skills

Students are taken through experiences and practical drills which continually build upon each other in complexity and difficulty.  A high number of drills are conducted in the Verbal Judo course, as it is a skill which is learned through practice much more than theory.  At the end of the course, students have a few new tools available and have sharpened existing ones.  Students leave the course feeling more confidence in their ability to solve problems and resolve conflict through their communication skills.  For newcomers to Canada, Verbal Judo provides a great setting in which learners can practice and grow their communication skills in an environment where it is impossible to be embarrassed and where all students assist in the learning process by providing their own personal feedback to each other at the end of virtually every drill.



Verbal Judo for Security Guards and Law Enforcement Personnel

Whether you have a security job in Toronto or a security career in Ontario or a law enforcement position which requires you to work across Canada and even internationally, Verbal Judo is a skill which is equally important, if not more so, than any other training you will undergo.  Verbal Judo keeps you safe and increases your professionalism by enabling you to solve problems using simply and only your mind and your mouth.