Condor Security Markham

Condor Security Markham

The Best Security Company in Markham

Condor Security’s security guards in Markham reach and exceed standards in the private security industry, with the end goal being a highly positive customer experience through excellent security services.   Condor’s security guards are provided multiple layers of support, including dedicated supervisors and managers available 24/7.

Condor Security’s supervisory personnel lead through personal example and provide continuous training, direction, mentorship, and support to field security staff. 

Condor’s Markham based security guards and concierge staff (including its highly trained Mobile Security team certified as Municipal Law Enforcement Officers through the City of Markham) provide protective services in a variety of sectors, including commercial centres, shopping malls, residential high-rises and condominiums, schools, religious institutions, community centres, construction and new development projects, special events, and other markets.  The Mobile Security team provides a wide range of solutions to clients in Richmond Hill, including residential home protection, alarm response, parking enforcement, commercial patrols, etc.

Experience Quality Difference

Condor Security is an ISO9001:2008 certified company.  Striving for continuous improvement and excellence in client service are of utmost importance.  If you're looking to work with the best and most dedicated security company in Markham, contact Condor Security today.

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