How to become a Security Guard

Be a Licensed Security Guard in the province of Ontario in 6 Simple Steps

STEP 1. Ensure you meet all requirments for an Ontario Security License

What is a security license?

A security guard license allows you to work in a job where you mainly protect persons or property.

This includes working as a:

A valid license card is required to work as a security guard. Working without a valid license is a violation of the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act.

If you are currently licensed from another Canadian province or territory, you might be exempt from Ontario training and testing.

Who can get a security license?

  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. Eligible to work in Canada 
  3. Clean criminal record in Canada
  4. Able to pass the Security Guard Test (government regulated).
  5. Comfortable with the Ontario Security Guard Code of Conduct

To learn more about how to work in Canada, visit the Government of Canada website here:

To learn more about this Code of Conduct, visit the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch website here:

To learn more about the 80 plus criminal offences you would be screened for, visit the Government of Ontario E-Law website here

Learn more about PSISA Fines and Regulations

STEP 2. Complete a 40 hour security license training program with a First Aid and CPR certification

Security Training

Both in class training and online training is available.  The requirement for all basic training courses is that they must be at least 40 hours long and include certification in first aid. 

Condor Security offers a 40 hour security training course with a higher level certification in first aid, Standard First Aid and Level C CPR.  If you would like to register you can view upcoming courses on the Course Calendar here or contact 416 - 665 -1500 to speak with a representative and register.

You can see a list of government approved security training providers at the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website here:

You can download or view the mandatory topics which the training provider is required to cover in the 40 hour security training program on the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch website here:

First Aid and CPR Training

To be eligible for a security licence, you must have a valid first aid and CPR certification. 

The minimum accepted level of first aid training is Emergency Level First Aid and Level A CPR (1 day of training).

The recommended level is Standard First Aid and Level C CPR, which is an extended program (2 days of training).  This certification can give you an advantage over others and provides knowledge and skill in how to deal with additional emergencies.

You can learn more about Condor's Standard First Aid and Level C CPR training course here:   /training/first-aid-and-cpr-training

STEP 3. Get your Training Completion Number

This number will be given to you upon completion of the 40 hour security program by your provider. You will need it to register for the Security Guard Test.

STEP 4. Register to and pass the Security Guard Test

To register for the Ontario Security Guard Exam, visit the Serco website and choose "Schedule a Test" here:

You can review the guidelines on the basic security test through the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website here:

How much is the test?
The price of the security test is $75.15 after tax.
Need help with studying?
Click for a useful practice test to help you with preparing for the exam.

STEP 5. Apply for your Ontario Security Guard License

You can apply for the license online through ServiceOntario or you can print out a hard copy application and send it in by mail. 

The advantages of applying online are that you can check the status of your application in real time by logging into your account, and, online applicants can view a printable digital license as soon as their application is approved. The printed digital license can be used for proof of licensing until the hard copy license card is received in the mail.

It can take up to 30 days to finish processing a correctly completed application.

STEP 6. Apply for a Security Job

Every company has its qualities.  Find the company that's right for you.  If you are interested in training, professional development, and career growth, you are welcome to apply with Condor Security.


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