Social Commitment Programs

Condor Security’s Exchange and Partnership Program has garnered interest among non-profit and charitable organizations. We hope that by effectively utilizing our resources toward social development goals, we can make a difference, demonstrate social responsibility, and strengthen connections within our local community.

Food and Clothing Drives fooddrive
Condor Security organizes Food Drives for the benefit of selected Food Banks and other charitable institutions. Traditionally, Condor Management matches employees’ contributions of food items, used clothing, household, and practical items. The spirit of giving and community cooperation are upheld within the company and shared with the rest of the society through these initiatives.

Blood Drives blooddrive
Condor Security liaises with charitable institutions to facilitate blood donation events. Employees and friends of Condor are invited to participate in these life-enriching activities.

Ben Tabesh, Condor Security's President and CEO with members of the Canadian Blood Services' Mobile Clinic