Training Courses

  • Level 2 Security Training
    Level 2 is an intermediate course which covers first emergency response and the various local laws, acts, and regulations affecting the private security industry in Ontario, Canada.  This is an internal course offered only to Condor Security...
  • Threat Assessment Course
    Intermediate level security training seminar, covering concepts and theory on Physical Security, Risk Management, Threat and Risk Assessment, and Crime Prevention and Environmental Design.
  • Tactical Awareness
    This course, instructed by an active police officer and use of force instructor, is available to Condor Security company employees and public law enforcement personnel.  Best practices for maintaining safety and sharpening security...
  • Verbal Judo
    This training course is available ONLY to Condor Security company employees. Verbal Judo is a highly effective communication system originally developed for police officers to peacefully de-escalate situations and resolve conflicts...
  • Condor Security Social Commitment Initiatives
  • Level 1 Security Training
    Condor's Level 1 Pre-Qualifying Basic Security Training Course is a key step in Condor’s hiring process for individuals seeking a security job and/or career at Condor Security.  Employment at Condor Security is conditional upon...
  • FireWise
    FireWise is recognized for Technician Level Training in Confined Space and High Angle, First Aid, Defibrillation and First Responder Training, and providing job site rescue teams and paramedics. All this along with a variety of other emergency...
  • First Aid & CPR Course
    Security guards are required to be certified in First Aid and CPR to hold a valid Ontario Security Guard Licence.  Condor provides a level of First Aid and CPR training higher than the industry requirements, with hands-on experience for ...
  • Emergency Management Group
  • Fire Safety
    FireSafe is a comprehensive training program which provides direction on the roles and responsibilities of both security guard supervisory staff and local fire services in responding to and preventing fire emergencies.

Security Jobs

condor security
Condor Security's process for hiring security guard and concierge personnel is designed to select motivated individuals who are interested in self development and want to work in a professional environment. If your personal goal is professional growth and/or a rewarding career in the security field in the Greater Toronto Area, you are welcome to apply with us.


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  • First Aid Training Toronto
  • Condor Security Verbal Judo